Innocent Grey、『虚ノ少女《NEW CAST REMASTER EDITION》』サイトを公開

|Innocent Grey、『虚ノ少女《NEW CAST REMASTER EDITION》』サイトを公開

Innocent Greyは『虚ノ少女《NEW CAST REMASTER EDITION》』サイトを公開しました。


|Innocent Grey サイト

Innocent Grey is the “KaranoShojo” “NEW CAST REMASTER EDITION The website has been released.

This is the second remastered version of the “KaranoShojo” series.
The voice of the main characters are re-recorded with a new cast.
Added a prequel (trial version part).
Refinements to existing scenes and enhanced direction.
New system and interface.
The game is scheduled to be released on August 28, and pre-orders will begin on June 19, 2020.